This document is no longer being updated. For the most recent documentation, including the latest release notes for version 6, please refer to Documentation Version 7



Possible Cause

Possible Resolution


Job failed to complete

Data Structure in the Source changed

Hotfix: go in the webgui to Operations / Jobs.
Select the affected job.
Change to the selection mode.
Deactivate temporary the part of the job which was failing if it makes sense to run the job without this part.


Job failed to complete

Duplicate Key

The business process changed or the assumption about the business process was wrong. You need to involve a Data Analyst from this subject area.


Data Lineage is not up to date

Cached Metadata materialization is out of date

1.Change to the operations module in the webgui
2.Change to the command line
3.Execute the following commands:
SELECT dvb_core.f_refresh_all_base_views();
SELECT dvb_core.f_refresh_x_relations();

webgui, core

In the staging, I am getting the message Error decrypting source password

1. A rollout was perform from one environment onto the next one without setting any passwords on the target environment.
2. The system encryption key and/or password was changed in the configuration of the environment. Therefore, the encrypted passwords can not be decripted anymore.

Connect onto the environment and manually set the system password.