In this chapter we give you an overview over all Datavault Builder modules.

  1. Staging

    In the staging module connect external data sources like jdbc sources, csv files and rest interfaces and load them into the staging area.

  2. Data Viewer

    Review your data to find business keys and visualize your output for a first analysis.

  3. Datavault

    This module let you model and implement your core data warehouse including Persistent Staging Area, Business Vault and Raw Vault

  4. Business Objects

    The Business Objects module lets you graphically transform your data vault into a dimensional model.

  5. Business Rules

    This module lets you apply and version your business rules. As well you can define here which systems have priority over others in the output and you can create Error Mart views for data quality monitoring.

  6. Data Lineage

    Here you see the automatically created data lineage from source to the output of your Data Vault.

  7. Operations

    Here you find the automatically created (master) jobs for your source systems. You can modify, monitor and schedule them.