This document is no longer being updated. For the most recent documentation, including the latest release notes for version 6, please refer to Documentation Version 7

Application Configuration

Once you have installed Datavault Builder, you can influence the applications behavior by settings defined in the configuration table dvb_config.config on your database.

Some samples of what you can configure:

  • environment appearance: coloring of the navigation bar of Datavault Builder to distinguish multiple environments

  • degree of parallel load executors

  • user inactivity timeout

  • server name

  • default staging loading batch size

  • bulk copy usage on installs targeting ms sql

  • index storage location for supported databases

Please refer to the parameters available in the configuration table dvb_config.config for details and comments about the parameters.


Additional information about configuration for loading parallelization can be found in the knowledge base: Performance Configuration

When changing a value, they will take effect within 1 minute. If you would like them to be applied immediately, you can execute the following statement in Datavault Builder > Operations > Command Line:

SELECT dvb_core.f_refresh_config();