This document is no longer being updated. For the most recent documentation, including the latest release notes for version 6, please refer to Documentation Version 7

Data Lineage

The Data Lineage gives you an overview of the data integration flow. By using the system colors, it highlights, which elements are loaded from which source.

Additionally to the real existing objects, placeholders for “no source”, “no staging”, “no datavault” and so on are present in the visualization. This allows to find objects, which are not completely used in an integration flow yet.

  1. Search Bar

    Filter the data lineage for specific elements.

  2. Source

    The coloring starts on the left side with a source-system. It is given along, as long as an object has only one source. Otherwise, the color will turn into gray, indicating, that (potentially) the data of different sources is integrated.

  3. Target

    It is as well possible to analyse the data flow by starting with the result-set. Hovering over an object will immediately highlight all directly dependent elements on the screen.