This document is no longer being updated. For the most recent documentation, including the latest release notes for version 6, please refer to Documentation Version 7

For interested customers, we offer the possibility to test the Datavault Builder themselves and get a first hands-on-experience. The installation is usually setup within our cloud.

Connecting to a Source

Since your test-environment is hosted on our server, please make sure, that you do not load any confidential data!


Besides that, in the staging area you can connect to any source by using the Add Source. You only have to make sure, that your source can be connected to from the outside, and for instance no firewall is blocking the access.

Files (CSV)

When connecting to a CSV file, you have to indicate a directory. In the Test-Environment, this directory is located within our server. Because of this, CSV files previously to staging need to be uploaded into your Test-Environment.

To do so, we have enabled a Webdav-Connection.
  1. We usually use “Cyberduck” as a Webdav-Client on our machines. You can download it from their website for free.

  2. Start Cyberduck and create a new connection.

    • Connection-Type: WebDAV (HTTPS)

    • Server: Same as what you use to connect with the GUI in Chrome (something like

    • Username + Password: Same as you use for login into the GUI.

    • Extended Options: Make sure to set the path to /files

  3. Click onto Connect and upload your files into the folder.

  4. When adding the new source in the Datavault Builder GUI, select CSV as source Type and specify /files as directory. Add the Source.

  5. You can now add staging tables for each file within the folder.

If you are missing a source, please feel free to quickly drop us a line using the support-link in the Datavault Builder. We will be glad to add that source for you.