This document is no longer being updated. For the most recent documentation, including the latest release notes for version 6, please refer to Documentation Version 7


After denormalizing the datavault structure and applying business logic to the data, it can finally be delivered the target using the accesslayer.


The accesslayer is the interface for the target consuming systems. It combines the result-sets of business rulesets of related business objects.


The accesslayer does not have its own module. You will only see it in the data lineage on the right side. It can be configured using the business ruleset properties.

When you enable a business ruleset to be fed into the accesslayer, the layer will be immediately regenerated. The decision, into which accesslayer a business ruleset is fed is automatically given by the underlying business object. For business rulesets of related business objects (= same starting hub of business object with same functional suffix id), there will always be one accesslayer, combining the result-sets.


Make use of the functional suffix in the business object to create unrelated business objects with the same starting hub.

Depending on the configuration of the priorization defined in the business ruleset properties, a golden record selection may apply:

  • If a record appears in multiple business rulesets, the priorization of the business ruleset takes effect: If both rulesets contain a value for a column, then the value of the higher ranked business ruleset will be taken.

  • In case the priorized value is NULL, then the next not NULL value is taken.