Release Notes - Version 6


  • General: Introducing batch based logging of runtime data for Snowflake and Exasol.

  • Businessobjects: Fixed an issue with SCD2 object creation when going multiple levels deep over links.

  • Business rules: Fixed an issue with data preview when sorting / filtering.

  • Deployment/CICD: Fixed an issue when deploying job dependencies.

  • Operations/Lineage: Fixed an issue potentially leading to “maximum stack size exceeded”

  • Logging: Fixed an issue with log orders.

Hints for the Installation: Manual Update Scripts / Automatic Model Update / Additional steps
  • MS SQL: No / No

  • Oracle: No / No

  • Postgres: No / No

  • Exasol: No / No

  • Snowflake: No / No -

Internal releases


  • General: Improved transaction handling in connection pool to reduce amount of queries to set autocommit state.

  • Staging: Bundling of runtime data writing to reduce number of queries.

  • General: Extended display strings of objects to also show technical ID.

  • Staging - JSON connector: Performance improvements.

  • Deployment: Fixed an issue which could prevent accessing certain jobs.

  • Businessrules: Fixed failure to create custom Business Rules on SCD2 Type Businessobjects.

  • Deployment - Snowflake: Fixed export format for business keys containing timestamp field(s) on snowflake.

  • Businessobjects: Fixed saving when having on top an unaltered BR (with default config to include in accesslayer) not included in accesslayer.

  • Businessobjects: Fixed an issue preventing to build business objects on prototype satellites.

  • Deployment: Fixed businessobject comment & name not to being deployed.

  • Update Script MS SQL: Fixed indices update pattern to be compatible with older DVB Versions.

  • Connection Pool - Python: Corrected file based loading and error logging.

  • Deployment: Fixed a displaying issue preventing the grid to not be displayed on tab switching.

  • Businessrules: Fixed filter to reset when cleaning search bar.

  • CICD: Fixed a certificate issue when using SSL encrypted webtraffic.

  • Businessrules - Postgres: Fixed handling of custom alias views.

  • Transaction Link: Fixed logging error on creation.

  • Deployment: Fixed deployment order issue of Business Rules for uppercase dbs (Snowflake, Exasol, Oracle).

Other Changes:
  • Exasol: Updated clientdb image to use Exasol 7.1.1

Hints for the Installation: Manual Update Scripts / Automatic Model Update / Additional steps
  • MS SQL: No / No

  • Oracle: No / No

  • Postgres: No / No

  • Exasol: No / No

  • Snowflake: No / No


Introducing extended capabilities to run CI CD pipelines. With the additional APIs offered, you can now:

  • automatically export the model from an environment (to check it into git)

  • validate an externally managed model

  • deploy an externally managed model (as part of your pipeline process)


Please have a look at the CI CD Chapter in the knowledge base ( to learn more about the possibilities.

To make use of the APIs, add the cicd service to your docker-compose.yml:

# make sure to use correct indentation
    image: ${DVB_REGISTRY}${DVB_PROJECT}/cicd:${DVB_TAG}
      - dvbnet
    restart: always
Further Improvements:
  • Deployment: Better performance when comparing two states.

  • Businessobjects: Introducing scd type 2 output for Business objects! You can now create a historized output with just a couple of clicks. The Datavault Builder will implement the corresponding PIT Tables in the background automatically.

  • Businessobjects: Introducing new mapping feature. Match columns from an object to the existing Business object columns and thereby speed up refactoring of output layers with changed underlying data vault objects.

  • Operations: Extended loads filter drop down to filter for only loads contained in the current job (or also loads not yet in the job).

  • Business Rules: New parameters allow to define custom ID for an alias view so you give the business rule a custom id and mirror the content of it into a specific schema.

  • MS SQL: Changed patterns for loading hubs, satellites and tracking satellites to improve performance.

  • Exasol: New configuration parameters to automatically convert varchar fields to a specific length in the accesslayer. (In dvb_config.config, parameter keys: accesslayer_varchar_precision_before_cast, accesslayer_varchar_precision_after_cast)

  • Data Lineage: Better look, performance and zooming capabilities.

  • Businessobjects: Improved performance of saving.

  • Business Rules: Improved performance of saving.

  • Deployment: Fixed wrongly calculated dependencies for hub load when selecting for deletion.

  • Operations: Fixed load state filter.

  • Staging: Fixed column order to respect custom order in creation.

Hints for the Installation: Manual Update Scripts / Automatic Model Update / Additional steps
  • MS SQL: Yes / Yes / To keep the upgrade process short, parts of the upgrade can be executed manually. After performing the upgrade steps, existing indices can be changed from non-clustered to clustered with the following script. For details, please check Section Major Upgrade.

  • Oracle: Yes / No

  • Postgres: Yes / No

  • Exasol: Yes / No

  • Snowflake: Yes / No


Second beta release


First beta release -

Internal test releases