This document is no longer being updated. For the most recent documentation, including the latest release notes for version 6, please refer to Documentation Version 7

Data Preview

The data preview windows are availble in many locations of the Datavault Builder, offering you the unique chance to immediately have a look at the underlying data while developing your data integration flow.
Be aware, that using the data preview can cause high load onto the database. Especially keep this in mind when using the data preview for source tables in the staging area, as these calls are directly sent to the source system!
  1. Column Header
    • Triangle opens Columns options.

    • Text-Area can be used for filtering of values.

    • Column-width can be resized.

  2. Columns Options
    • Sort ascending/descending: Allows to sort the data on the database. Multiple column-sortings can be combined by pressing “Shift” while selecting the sorting.

    • Not Null: Allows to ignore rows containing nulls in the data set.

    • Top Occurances: Brings back a complete list of most reoccurring values of the field. Important: As it will return a list of all unique values with count, it is not recommended to apply this function onto large datasets with diversified values.