Datavault Builder Version 7

We are excited to announce the new version 7 of Datavault Builder. 

What’s new?
The main change in the major version is a completely refactored deployment module, which allows deploying a lot faster between environments thanks to introduced parallelization of deployment steps and which enhances CI/CD abilities even more.

Some more new deployment features are:

  • Faster comparison of two states.
  • New APIs for generating packages and monitoring process.
  • New Log tables available for deployments on the database.
  • Object comment now visible in comparison view.
  • Added line-based diff for business ruleset code, customized source queries and post job sql queries.


Furthermore we reduced the number of main containers to 4 (core, connection_pool, api, webgui) which allows deploying more easily and now supports ACI on Azure.

Registered users can find the detailed change notes as well as the installation information and upgrade steps in our knowledge base.

If you are interested to learn more about the new Datavault Builder Version 7 and its improved deployment and CI/CD capabilities, book your free personal presentation today.

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