Datavault Builder Pricing

All versions include

Model Driven

Create your business model visually in Datavault Builder

Model Driven Automation

Datavault Builder works both ways: it converts your business model into functioning code in real time and translates your code changes to the model if necessary.


Replace all your DWH processes starting with infrastructure automation up to operations with one tool.

Replacing up to nine separate tools.


Modeling, Model to Code Conversion, Infrstracture Automation, Documentation Generation, Data Lineage, Pattern Updates, Data Profiling, Regression Testing, Deployment, Deployment Automation, CI/CD, Operations and more

Build for Agile
Faster Time-to-Insight

Start small and grow big. The Datavault Builder is designed for fast setup, short build time and simple maintenance of your existing models.

Build for Agile
Faster Time-to-Insight

Build to allow small teams to change and deploy their data models and implementations in a very simple fashion. It also supports distributed development and ITIL conform Git-Flow based deployment for bigger teams.

SMB Edition

For small and medium businesses
849 Monthly (paid annually)
  • 2 Environements
  • 2 Developers
  • All the functions to run your DWH

Enterprise Edition

For Enterprises and companies with aspirations
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  • All the features of SMB Edition
  • Unlimitied non-productive environment
  • Distributed development
  • GIT-Flow Support
  • CI/CD Support
  • Multi-Tenancy Option
  • Bi-Temporal Option

SaaS Edition

All includsive
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  • All the features of Enterprise Edition
  • Hosting
  • Operations
  • Data Management Service Option
  • Data Modeling Service Option

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