Datavault Builder Pricing

All Versions Include

Model Driven

Visually Create Your Business Model with Datavault Builder

Model Driven Automation

Datavault Builder operates bidirectionally: it not only converts your business model into functioning code in real-time but also translates any changes made in the code back to the model when necessary.


Simplify your DWH processes with a single tool that encompasses everything from infrastructure automation to operations, effectively replacing up to nine separate tools.


Streamline your processes with our all-in-one tool featuring Modeling, Code Conversion, Code Versioning, Infrastructure Automation, Documentation, Data Lineage, Pattern Updates, Profiling, Regression Testing, Deployment, CI/CD, Operations and more.

Designed for Agile Development:
Achieve Faster Time-to-Insight

Begin with ease and scale effortlessly. Datavault Builder offers rapid setup, efficient build times, and straightforward maintenance for your existing models.

Build for Agile
Faster Time-to-Insight

Designed for flexibility, Datavault Builder enables small - and big - teams to easily modify and deploy data models. For larger teams, it supports distributed development and ITIL-compliant Git-Flow based deployment.

All Editions Available as On-Premises, Private Cloud, and SaaS


Comprehensive Suite for Building, Documenting, Deploying, and Running Your Data Warehouse (DWH)
  • Data Modeling & Data Profiling
  • ETL & ELT Code Generation and Execution
  • Automatic Code Pattern and Physical Model Updates
  • Model and Code Versioning in GIT
  • Deployment
  • Operations
  • Documentation and Data Lineage
  • Includes 1 Production Environment and 2 Non-Production Environments
  • Licenses for 2 to 4 Developers


Enhanced Power and Data Processing Functions, Fulfilling All Regulatory Requirements
  • All the features of Starter Edition
  • Support for Larger Database Servers
  • Distributed Development
  • Git-Flow Support
  • Unlimited Feature Sandboxes
  • API Integrations
  • CI/CD Support
  • Licenses for 3 to 6 Developers


More Power, more Data Processing Functions and covering all Regulatory Needs
  • All the features of Standard Edition
  • Support for Enterprise-Class Database Servers - Capable of Processing up to Billions of Rows
  • High Availability Setup
  • SSO (Azure AD) Support
  • Data Modeling Check-Ins
  • Bi- and Tri-Temporal Data Processing for Financial Institutions and Other Sectors
  • Security Reports including PEN-Test Results
  • Custom Contract Terms
  • Flexible Licensing for Any Number of Developers
  • Option for Shareable Licenses
  • Optional Tailored Support

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