Datavault Builder Training

Unleash your full potential with the Datavault Builder training. Book your Datavault Builder training with the officially certified training partner areto!

Learn how to optimize Datavault Builder for your environment.

A strong Partnership

Datavault Builder and areto have joined forces to ensure that your project team has the best conditions for the architecture, implementation, and operation of your data platform. The proven practical course combines the benefits of a live trainer who explains the theory and practice of building a modern, modular data platform with computer-based learning to deepen the knowledge – whenever and wherever participants wish.

During the course, participants will be introduced to Data Vault terminology, learn about Data Vault basic components, and acquire the skills required for modeling, loading, and querying a Data Vault. They will discuss Data Vault architectures as well as study advanced design concepts and best practices. Afterwards, we focus on implementing a Data Vault model with the Data Vault Builder.

Starting with creating sources, links, and hubs, we generate a Raw and a Business Vault, as well as a dimensional model. Finally, we cover business rules, loading processes, deployment, and operation so that participants receive the necessary knowledge to get started.

In addition to fundamental skills, advanced techniques such as delta loads and external calls are also covered. A special focus is on participants’ practical issues. These are professionally examined by the live trainer, and solutions are developed together. The course lasts about 24 hours and is available digitally, hybrid, or on-site.

Your benefits

  • Learn Data Vault modeling techniques to use and utilize the Datavault Builder.
  • Familiarize yourself with the tool, its different layers, and the development process.
  • Conduct practical exercises and create your own Data Vault model.
  • Quickly familiarize yourself with the Datavault Builder and become more productive.
  • Gain firsthand insights and learn best practices.
  • Take the test and receive your Datavault Builder Enabler Badge.

Our Training Content

  • Introduction to Data Vault 
  • Data Vault Components & Modeling
  • Data Vault Loading & Querying
  • Data Vault Architecture & Advanced Design Concepts
  • Best Practices, Discussion, Workshop
  • Introduction to Datavault Builder
  • Source Integration & Data Vault 2.0 Modeling
  • Definition of Business Rules
  • Loading Processes & Deployment
  • Technical Deep Dive & Workshop
  • Best Practices
  • Optimising processes and outcomes with Datavault Builder

Our Training Dates

18.06.2024 – 21.06.2024

Datavault Builder Training with areto


17.09.2024 – 20.09.2024

Datavault Builder Training with areto

Book Your Training

Our customer trainings are tailored individually based on your needs. In order to reach each participant optimally, we are pleased to inform you that we offer our trainings in both German and English. If none of the above listed open training dates suit you, we are happy to plan an individual training for you.

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