Automate your SAP data integration

Integrating SAP data with other data sources unlocks insights unattainable when examining data in isolation. For instance, merging SAP data with CRM system customer data can offer a deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences.

Business Model Driven

Beginning with the business model simplifies connecting SAP to non-SAP data.

Utilizing the Theobald connector, we can effortlessly interpret SAP metadata, providing a significant advantage at the onset of your project.

Covering the Full Processing Chain

Datavault Builder streamlines the integration process by implementing full data integration, historization, and data harmonization. It automatically generates all necessary documentation.

Automatic Data Lineage

With Datavault Builder, tracking the origin of data across various sources is straightforward, ensuring transparency and traceability.

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Automate your SAP Data Integration with Datavault Builder and Theobald

Our video demonstration shows how Datavault Builder and Theobald Xtract Universal collaboratively extract data and metadata from all your SAP systems, streamlining your processes.

Why Combine SAP Data with Other Sources?

A More Complete Picture: Although SAP data is crucial, it might not encompass all the information required for comprehensive decision-making. Integrating SAP data with additional sources offers a fuller view of the business, leading to more informed decisions.

Gain Insights: Integrating SAP data with other datasets, such as CRM information, can unveil new understandings about customer behavior and preferences.

Improve Efficiency: Merging SAP data with other systems can enhance efficiency by minimizing manual data entry and reducing error risks. This integration can automate processes, further streamlining operations.

Enable Data-Driven Decisions: A holistic view of the business, achieved by integrating SAP data with other sources, supports data-driven decision-making, informs strategy, and promotes business growth.

In summary, combining SAP data with other data sources enriches your business perspective, aiding in decision-making, enhancing efficiency, and driving growth.

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