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Datawarehouse for Reporting


Data Integration and Preparation
Flexible. Scalable. Accessible.

Empowering sustainable analytics

For a company-wide reporting, many different source systems need to be brought together. The Datavault Builder tackles this demanding task by using state-of-the-art modelling techniques with an intuitively guided workflow.

Key Challenges

The vast amount of time is spent on getting and combining data, not report analytics.

Barriers between Business and IT increase the difficulty to generate the wished for result.

Changes can cause high maintenance costs, which can seem to increase exponentially.

Appliance of new business logic to already integrated data can be almost impossible.

Extension of current data model to new sources.

Datavault Builder for Reporting

The success of todays companies is often backed by an excellent IT-Infrastructure, containing valuable information about their business and customers. Distilling insights from the collected data as fast and all-embracing as possible can be difficult, since not only merging companies are faced with a diverse IT landscape. With the Datavault Builder preparing data for company-wide reporting gets easier for all involved parties.

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  • Guided Editor for modelling, bringing IT and Business stronger together
  • Automatic historization, giving true access to all historic data
  • Virtualized Business Logic, allowing quick updates
  • Near-Real-Time processing for up-to-date reports
  • Flexible Extension with new sources, based on data vault modelling technique
  • Supported Source Data: Any JDBC-capabable Database (such as MS SQL/Access/Excel, Oracle, IBM DB2, TeraData, Hadoop Hive, …)
  • Output: Dimensional Model, Excel Files or Flat Tables, accessible over a database connection or as a file export (JDBC, ODBC, CSV, Excel)
  • Target Systems: Usable with any standard Reporting Software (such as Qlik, Tableau, MS BI)

Your Benefits

Set up a sustainable central data source for reporting.

Improve collaboration of IT and Business to quickly deliver results.

Minimize maintenance costs and data preparation tasks.

Maximize insights by accessing a fully historized dataset.

Quick integration and expansion to new sources.

Usage Sample

Imagine the following: You have set up a sales report. However, you only got the selling prices of your products in that report so far. Now you would like to see the sales with the best margin. Luckily, you also got an Excel-Spreadsheet from your Purchasing Department.


Now you simply load the newly received spreadsheet into the Datavault Builder…


…enrich your Product with the purchasing price as a new attribute…


…and insert the newly added field to the report.

Gain true insights based on the broadest, up-to-date data set.