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with Datavault Builder, the award-winning business-driven data warehouse automation solution. Rely upon Datavault Builder as your efficient visual data integration solution. Datavault Builder leverages standardization and cooperation between business and IT people as the key to success. Increase productivity and benefit from the fastest possible time-to-insights. Datavault Builder adds full auditability and governance without any extra effort. Get all data warehousing functionalities in one solution. Replace up to nine different software tools. Reduce complexity, and lower risk and total cost of ownership while increasing maintainability. Datavault Builder empowers organizations, companies, and corporations around the world to trust their data and turn data into assets.

We are empowering sustainable analytics. 

It is important to have trustworthy data because it is the foundation of sound decision-making. When data is trustworthy, it is accurate, reliable, and relevant, and can be used with confidence to inform decisions.

For company-wide reporting, various sources and systems need to be brought together. Datavault Builder tackles this demanding task by using state-of-the-art modeling techniques with an intuitively guided workflow.

By covering the full challenge, it replaces up to nine tools that were previously necessary to achieve the same result.

By using a model-driven approach, your integrated data becomes meaningful and can be expanded in an agile way. This approach reduces your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and ensures maintainability in the years to come.

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The top rated tool in many categories

Nowadays, the success of a company is often backed by excellent infrastructure, which contains valuable information about their business and customers. Distilling insights from the collected data fast and comprehensively can be difficult since we have to handle a diverse IT landscape. With Datavault Builder, preparing data for company-wide reporting gets easier for all involved parties.

Datavault Builder helps you to:

  • Support accurate decision-making: Trustworthy data is essential for making informed decisions. When data is unreliable, it can lead to incorrect conclusions and poor decision-making, which can have negative consequences for an organization.

  • Maintain credibility: Trustworthy data is essential for maintaining the credibility of an organization. If an organization’s data is unreliable or inaccurate, it can damage its reputation and undermine the trust of its stakeholders.

  • Improve efficiency: Trustworthy data can help improve efficiency by reducing the time and effort required to gather and analyze data. When data is accurate and reliable, it can be used with confidence, reducing the need for additional data gathering and analysis.

  • Support compliance: In many industries, trustworthy data is essential for compliance with regulations and standards. For example, in the healthcare industry, accurate and reliable data is essential for meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring patient safety.

Trusted by Customers

One tool solving the complete challenge

Central data storage with full historization, giving true access to all historic data.

Guided Editor for modeling, bringing IT and Business closer together.

Customizable Business Rules, allowing integration of conflicting data sets.

Near-Real-Time processing for up-to-date information.

Flexible Extension with new sources, based on the Data Vault modeling technique.

Supported Source Data: Any JDBC-capable Database (such as MS SQL/Access/Excel, Oracle, IBM DB2, Teradata, Hadoop Hive, etc.).

Output: Dimensional Model, Excel Files, or Flat Tables, accessible over a database connection or as a file export (JDBC, ODBC, CSV, Excel).

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