Empowering sustainable analytics

For a company-wide reporting, various sources and systems need to be brought together. The Datavault Builder tackles this demanding task by using state-of-the-art modelling techniques with an intuitively guided workflow.

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Nowadays the success of a company is often backed by an excellent IT-Infrastructure, which contains valuable information about their business and customers. Distilling insights from the collected data fast and all-embracing can be difficult, since we have to handle  diverse IT landscape. With the Datavault Builder, preparing data for company-wide reporting gets easier for all involved parties.
  • Guided Editor for modelling, bringing IT and Business stronger together
  • Automatic historization, giving true access to all historic data
  • Virtualized Business Logic, allowing quick updates
  • Near-Real-Time processing for up-to-date reports
  • Flexible Extension with new sources, based on data vault modelling technique
  • Supported Source Data: Any JDBC-capabable Database (such as MS SQL/Access/Excel, Oracle, IBM DB2, TeraData, Hadoop Hive, …)
  • Output: Dimensional Model, Excel Files or Flat Tables, accessible over a database connection or as a file export (JDBC, ODBC, CSV, Excel)
  • Target Systems: Usable with any standard Reporting Software (such as Qlik, Tableau, MS BI)

Integrate Data in 3 simple steps

1 .

Design your business model.

2 .

Connect your data sources.

3 .

Prepare output for your data consumers.