Datavault Builder for PostgreSQL

Rely on Datavault Builder as your efficient visual data integration solution for PostgreSQL. Datavault Builder emphasizes standardization and collaboration between business and IT professionals as keys to success.


Enhance productivity and enjoy the quickest possible time-to-insights. DataVault Builder incorporates full auditability and governance seamlessly, without any extra effort.


Experience comprehensive data warehousing functionalities in one solution. Replace up to nine different software tools, simplifying your process. This reduction in complexity, alongside lowered risk and total cost of ownership, results in increased maintainability.

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trust your data Trust your decisions

Trusted by many customers

Innovative product with excellent opportunity for future growth, customer‘s agile approach is indispensable.

It is a tool with a great potential which by design enables your company to improve productivity in developing and maintaining data warehouses, the learning curve is short and you get great support

Datavault Builder has helped us to achieve higher efficiency, better performance and higher quality in processing our different data pools.


Discover how to replace costly ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) workflows with our straightforward data warehouse automation solution. Gain access to precise documentation and equip yourself for an agile future.


Utilize the Data Vault Core and Dimensional Data Mart Model to begin integrating your data instantly. This approach eliminates the need for creating your own patterns, streamlining the integration process.

Work with Data

Unlike other automation tools, Datavault Builder features built-in real-time synchronization between the model and its implementation. This allows you to test while you model, enabling immediate adjustments to your model for optimal performance.

Runs on

  • Snowflake
  • Exasol
  • Synpase Analytics
  • Oracle
  • Postgres
  • Google BigQuery (2024)
  • Microsoft Fabric (2024)

Connects to

Connect to a wide array of data sources that support the JDBC standard, and many more. Datavault Builder offers interfaces for CSV and Excel files, XML and JSON documents (complete with autoschema functionality), as well as numerous application APIs.

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Experience Speeds Up to 9 Times Faster

Leveraging model-driven automation instead of manual coding or traditional ETL development, Datavault Builder enables you to save up to 90% of your development time on specific tasks. Additionally, with the integration of CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment), new data can be delivered to users within minutes, rather than days.

Simplify with One Comprehensive Tool

Datavault Builder allows you to replace multiple tools such as your ER-Designer, ETL Tool, Scheduler, Deployment Utility, and manual SQL coding with a single, integrated solution. This not only saves on licensing costs but also reduces the need for creating integrations between different tools.

Cloud Native, Yet Versatile for On-Premises Use

Datavault Builder was conceived from the outset to operate seamlessly in the cloud. Utilizing Docker and Kubernetes deployments, it offers you the flexibility to run it on various platforms such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Computing, or even on-premises. Your data, your choice.

Empower Business User Involvement

At Datavault Builder, we are committed to the idea that collaboration between IT and business users is essential for a data-driven business. This is why we have developed intuitive and powerful visualizations of your data models that are easily understandable by everyone. Additionally, our solution automatically documents everything, ensuring that your next audit will be a stress-free experience.

Datavault Builder FOR PostgreSQL (Postgres)

Combine the strengths of PostgreSQL with Datavault Builder to form a formidable team for Enterprise Data Warehousing. Modernize your data stack with our cloud-ready solution, which also offers the flexibility to run on-premises. Discover in our video, how Datavault Builder seamlessly integrates with Postgres Databases in this session together with the UK Data Vault User Group UK (DVUG).

Trust your data, trust your decisions.

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