Core Module / Data Vault Module

No code model driven data integration and historization.


Design and Maintain your Data Model

In Datavault Builder you can design and maintain your conceptual and logical data model. The difference to other approaches is that we do translate the data model in real time into working code.

Supports Raw Vault & Business Vault

Persist your Raw and Business Vault data in the same overall data mode.

Create Data Flows in Real Time

Will modeling you can preview and load the data giving you to ability to become the first time really agile in your DWH development.

Data Lake Option

Do you want to persist your data before starting modeling? No problem. Just load the data into our PSA module.

Your Datavault Completely Automated

Based on your data model, we generate all physical tables, tracking objects, SCD type 2 historizations, SCD type 1 as-of-now views, tracking/effectivity satellites. We do track implicit deletes. We calculate differences. We allow bi-temporal and tri-temporal data loading. Take care of PIT and bridge tables and many more.

And at the same time we derive your masterjobs, document your data model, create data lineage and make your model ready for versioning and deployment.

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