Datavault Builder is the best* DWH Automation Tool for Exasol

DWH Automation Tool for Exasol

Shorter Time-to-Market – Top Product Satisfaction –

Top Price-to-Value

Includes Data Modeling, Code Generation, ETL and ELT Tool, Data Lineage, Documentation, Deployment, Scheduling and Operations.

Cloud Native Technology (with cloud and on-site deployment) for best Agile Development and CI/CD support.

Simple visual interface to engage your business users from the start.

* Top Rated Data Warehouse Automation Tool in 7 categories

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Use the tool that Exasol uses itself

Learn in this video why Datavault Builder is the best DWH automation tool for Exasol.

Up to 9 times faster

By using model-driven automation instead of manual coding or ETL development, you can save up to 90% of your development time on specific tasks.
By using CI/CD, new data can be delivered to users within minutes instead of days.

One tool replaces many

Replace your ER-Designer, ETL Tool, Scheduler, Deployment Utility and manual SQL coding with a single tool.
Save on licensing costs, but also on creating integrations between the tools you use.

Cloud Native - Runs also on Premises

From the beginning, Datavault Builder was designed to run in the cloud.
By using Docker and Kubernetes deployments, it’s your choice whether you use it on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Computing, or on-site.
Your data – your choice.

Involve your business users

We firmly believe that IT and business user collaboration is the only way to make your business data-driven. That’s why we’ve created powerful but simple visualizations of your data models that everyone understands.
It documents everything for you as well, so your next audit will be very relaxed.


With Data Vault Core and Dimensional Data Mart Model, you can start integrating your data immediately without having to create your own patterns.

Work with data

Unlike other automation tools, we have built in real-time synchronization between model and implementation. You can test while you model and immediately adjust your model. 

Runs on

  • Snowflake
  • Exasol
  • Synpase Analytics
  • Oracle
  • Postgres
  • Google BigQuery (2023)

Connects to

Connect to all data sources that support the JDBC standard and many more. With interfaces for CSV and Excel files, XML and JSON documents (with autoschema) and many application APIs.

Datavault Builder in one minute

Learn how to replace expensive ETL workflows with our simple data warehouse automation solution, get accurate documentation, and be prepared for the agile future.

Innovative product with excellent opportunity for future growth, customer‘s agile approach is indispensable.

It is a tool with a great potential which by design enables your company to improve productivity in developing and maintaining data warehouses, the learning curve is short and you get great support

Datavault Builder has helped us to achieve higher efficiency, better performance and higher quality in processing our different data pools.

Companies using the Datavault Builder

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