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Selected Datavault Builder References

For privacy reasons we don’t list our customer names on the webpage. If you are interested to get a reference in your industry please contact us.

One of the biggest Reinsurance companies world wide is using the Datavault Builder technology to build and run two of their Data Warehouses.

Datavault Builder helped them to become agile and DevOps Ready.

Loads with up 100 million of rows and billions of rows loaded are processed on an Oracle environment.

A global phone and internet provider is using in its Swiss branch the Datavault Builder real time pattern to monitor mobile and fixed line phone calls and video on demands usage to discover fraud patterns.

As it should be prevented to block the traffic of valuable high volume users a custom risk profiles are calculated and presented to operators in near real time.

The processing time from fraudulent phone calls to action is less than 5 minutes.

A big online market platform for housing bought a competitor and wanted to integrate the data and migrate them into their own systems.

As both system were running 24/7 up to the point where the webpages where switched to the combined backend a data integration plattform was used to live sync the data and allow a delta migration at the switch time. This minimized the down time of the platforms and additionally allowed to sort out a lot of data quality issues that wouldn’t have been detected until after the migration.

To combine real time and batch data streams the Datavault Builder was used not only to combine but also to clean the data for presentation to the credit card users.

The output of the Data Warehouse is directly accessed by the credit card issuers mobile phone app presenting real time usage to the end customer.

A market leader in tool manufacturing is integrating their world wide data streams at the head quarter to get daily insights into the global sales figures from their 10+ sales organisation.

This information is combine with purchase and production to present a complete picture to the management but also detailed views to product managers and local sales heads.

The DWH is operated by only one internal ressource.

A real estate analytics company is used the Data Vault Builder to combine data from different online data sources and matching them using fuzzy logic to create an integrated market analysis they are selling to their customers.

Our tool is supporting them to keep an overview over all the different business rules matching the different sources against each other.

A insurance is using the Datavault Builder to load and historize their Bi-Temporal data. This allows to keep track of all changes of the data over time. The tool helped to quick start the project and to deliver feed back on the data quality in the source system from day one.

One of the biggest crop protection companies world wide is managing the reporting on their portofolio management using the Datavault Builder. Even there is one central data source the data needed to be combined between different software release versions. Additionally using the tool the Data Quality is improved and historization of changes tracked.

One of the biggest Financial Services provider world wide signed up to use the Datavault Builder to organize its master data in its credit card business.

It profits from the deployment flexibility to switch between different database technologies during the introduction phase.