These are some of our successful stories of our clients showcasing how Datavault Builder improved their agility, time-to-market and reliability of data.​

Next Generation Business Intelligence: A Fully Automated Enterprise Data Warehouse for Porta

  • Thanks to the Data Vault concept, and its easy implementation with Datavault Builder, data can now be stored and managed more organized and efficiently.
  • Greater flexibility for agile development.
  • Short-term provisioning of Data Marts for specialized departments with up to 200 KPIs, which are then accessed by Power BI.
  • The EDWH is developed by the Data Engineering and Data Analytics departments in a comprehensive collaboration as a generally accepted Single Point of Truth.
  • Snowflake database resources are dynamically scaled, resulting in overall cost savings.

BI-SPEKTRUM article: SAP-Greenfield Data Warehouse with Data Vault (German)

  • Flexible and High-Performance Reporting: They achieved this by leveraging scalable cloud technology, Snowflake on AWS.
  • Consistent View of SAP-ERP Landscape: C&A utilized SAP-BW extractors to provide a consistent view of SAP data for analysis, resulting in significant cost savings. However, custom interfaces were required for areas without SAP-BW extractors.
  • Supporting Agile Practices: The combination of a Data Lakehouse approach with Data Vault proved advantageous for short iterative development cycles. This allowed rapid access to existing data in the Data Lake and simplified technical debt management through model adjustments and reloading.
  • Modern Data Warehousing and data-driven analytics are possible for medium-sized globally operating companies through automation of many steps in the data pipeline and the standardization of these steps using Datavault Builder, even in small teams.
  • The benefits of Data Vault 2.0 acceleration can be increased significantly through the use of automation tools. 
  • SAP data can be efficiently and sustainably integrated using Theobald Software and Datavault Builder. 
  • Nightly loading processes have been reduced from approximately 6 hours to 18 minutes. 
  • Standardization brings advantages in terms of traceability, scalability, and a significant reduction in maintenance costs. 
  • The return on investment (ROI) is positive after 9 months due to increased productivity and cost savings in maintenance.
  • Early involvement of business users helped gain trust and accept the new single source of truth.
  • Agile development approach has significantly increased time to market.
  • Datavault Builder helped building a new Data Warehouse on top of the Exasol database and using Tableau as a BI tool.
  • Small Team, big impact – team of two data specialists develop and manage Data Warehouse Solution with Datavault Builder and enable BI users for Self Service.
  • Fully automated data pipeline – covering the data from the data generation to data analysis.
  • Agile development approach has significantly increased time to market.
  • Scalable Solution – Millions of rows daily. Initial Load with billions of rows.
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