The Migration Vault Concept

A Migration Vault is a specialized metadata store. For sure it is designed itself as Data Vault.
It facilitates the migration of data from an old Data Vault format to a new one, ensuring compatibility and integrity during the transition.

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Datavault Builder Version 7

The main change in the major version is a completely refactored deployment module, which allows deploying a lot faster between environments thanks to introduced parallelization of deployment steps and which enhances CI/CD abilities even more.

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Is Data Modeling dead

Do we still need data models? What is the value of models? Why did data modeling failed in the past? How can we create data models? How can we create value by data modeling? All of this I try to answer in the following presentation.

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Temporality in the Data Warehouse Part 4 of 4: SCD Type 2 Dimensions (and Facts)

Kimball Style dimensions – SCD Type 2 Output If you haven’t read them I recommend reading the first 3 parts first. Getting

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On Multi-Active Satellites in Data Vault

Petr Beles, 2150 GmbH, https://datavault-builder.com2018-11-07 Implementing Multi-Active Satellites as Document Satellites In the Data Vault standard there is a pattern called Multi-Active Satellite. This is

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On Links

Petr Beles, 2150 GmbH, 2017-02-11 Links representing transactions in Data Vault In this article I’m discussing only links representing transactions. I deliberately exclude links

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