DDVUG Willibald Use Case

Do you want to see how to create a full Data Warehouse (DWH) implementation in Datavault Builder in less than 3 hours, including:

  • Early integration of two data sources
  • Solving data problems
  • Rule-based lookups
  • And much more

At the same time, documentation and data lineage are updated, and operations are ready to run and schedule the jobs.

The Use Case

The fictitious company Willibald has asked Datavault Builder to perform a POC for their new DWH. For this purpose, it has defined 13 typical challenges to be solved. In this talk we will present how the task was solved in Datavault Builder. For this, we agilely create a business model, which is automatically converted into working code. We load and analyse data, present the created documentation and data lineage and give an outlook on how the solution can be rolled out and operated. 

About Datavault Builder

Datavault Builder is the award-winning business-driven data warehouse automation solution that allows you to trust your data and trust your decisions.

It is an efficient visual data integration solution replacing up to nine different software tools. Datavault Builder leverages standardization and cooperation between business and IT people as the key to success.

Increase productivity and benefit from the fastest possible time-to-insights without compromising on full auditability.

Specifications and source data can be found here: https://github.com/m2data/Willibald-Data

Content of the Video

00:00 Intro
5:23 Model Driven Start – Define Concepts and Relations
18:45 The Usecase – Meet Willibald Seeds
22:07 Webshop – End-to-End
40:32 Webshop – Connect all data
55:07 Product Hierarchies – Hierarchical Links
1:11:07 Punctuality Calculation – Business Rules and Look Ups
1:30:49 Creating New Relations – Business Vault Loads
1:54:22 Integrating Roadshow Data – Merge two Data Soures
2:14:57 Facts and Dimensions – Preparing the Reports
2:31:40 Agile Development – Refine the output
2:35:58 Final Output – Fireworks
2:40:21 Finished – Final Overview

Video of the presentation of the results.

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