Is there a good alternative to previously free Talend Open Studio?

Yes! Datavault Builder is a powerful and cost-effective alternative. As a comprehensive Automation Solution it offers an even larger variety of features and modules for the same cost.

Get automated ETL and ELT capabilities, plus a suite of advanced features including 

  • data modeling
  • seamless documentation
  • automated deployment
  • efficient scheduling
  • detailed data lineage
  • thorough data profiling
  • robust APIs for continuous integration and delivery (CI-CD) and automated regression testing.

Datavault Builder not only replaces your ETL tool but up to 9 different software products

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Datavault Builder is

Model Driven

Visually Create Your Business Model with Datavault Builder

Model Driven Automation

Datavault Builder operates bidirectionally: it not only converts your business model into functioning code in real-time but also translates any changes made in the code back to the model when necessary.


Simplify your DWH processes with a single tool that encompasses everything from infrastructure automation to operations, effectively replacing up to nine separate tools.


Streamline your processes with our all-in-one tool featuring Modeling, Code Conversion, Code Versioning, Infrastructure Automation, Documentation, Data Lineage, Pattern Updates, Profiling, Regression Testing, Deployment, CI/CD, Operations and more.

Designed for Agile Development:
Achieve Faster Time-to-Insight

Begin with ease and scale effortlessly. Datavault Builder offers rapid setup, efficient build times, and straightforward maintenance for your existing models.

Build for Agile
Faster Time-to-Insight

Designed for flexibility, Datavault Builder enables small - and big - teams to easily modify and deploy data models. For larger teams, it supports distributed development and ITIL-compliant Git-Flow based deployment.

Deploy on Premises
Private Cloud

Build cloud native but with On-Prem support. You choose where you run the Datvault Builder.

Deploy on Premises
Private Cloud

You can switch between all deployment models at any point in time without cost, which allows you to start On-Prem and migrate to the cloud later or vice versa.

Historization and Bi-Temporal

Don't get overwhelmed by temporal requirements. The Datavault Builder takes care of your data history.

Historization and Bi-Temporal

The Datavault Builder is tracking out-of-the-box all data changes.
Even if you are working in banking or insurance, the Datavault Builder has you covered if you have the need to load bi-temporal data.

Let IT and Business work together

By using a simple data model representation, business users can participate in the design process and do understand better about what the result is.

Let IT and Business work together

Not only know business users a lot about the business processes that need to be modeled, but it deepens their understanding of the generated output, which will increase adaption rate and project success.
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