Release Notes - Version 4


Security Release, updating docker images.


Security Release, updating docker images.


Security Release, updating docker images.


Security Release, updating docker images.


  • Staging: Better Performance of Excel Connectcor for large files

  • General: Switched url for Demo and Test Files

  • General: Documentation Performance

  • Oracle: Deploy Columns with conversions

  • General: Resize sql editor

  • General: Deplyoment order of Business Rulesets

  • Deployment: Handle “datavaultbuilder_version of undefined”-error

  • Staging: Fixed issue when numbers in Excel are bigger than int32, a wrong format was shown after loading data in staging

API changes:
  • extended getDocumentation for “excludeContent” parameter and version_hash in response

  • extended getDVBObjects for businessobjects (system_name, hub_name_of_alias_parent), source system (source_type_name), staging_table (staging_table_display_string, source_table_name, source_schema_name, source_schema_or_system_id)

Hints for the Installation: Manual Update Scripts / Automatic Model Update
  • MS SQL: No / No

  • Oracle: Yes / No

  • Postgres: No / No

  • Exasol: No / No

(26.03.2020 - Internal Release)

(12.03.2020 - Internal Release)

(21.02.2020 - Internal Release)


  • Exasol: Updated container to 6.2.4., fixing Internal Server errors

  • General: Prevent concurrent loads of the same object

  • MS SQL: Removed explicit filegroup “PRIMARY” in creation of hub and link table templates

  • General: Fix for creation of business ruleset base with “;” in it

  • Exasol: Fix refresh staging table keys with table containing “Table” as part of id

Hints for the Installation: Manual Update Scripts / Automatic Model Update
  • MS SQL: No / No

  • Oracle: No / No

  • Postgres: No / No

  • Exasol: No / No


  • Operations: Maintenance improvement resuming dangling jobs

  • Data lineage: Added dependencies between Business Rules and Staging Table, Accesslayer, Access Errormart

  • Exasol: Updated container to 6.2.2.

  • General: Updated exasol jdbc driver to 6.2.3

  • General: Fix for updating job schedules after restart of the environment, so that they do not override other existing schedules

  • General: Fixed business key handling with special characters in field names

  • Deployment: MS SQL rollout of conversions in satellites

  • General: Fixed quoting of username to be client db compliant

  • Exasol: Fixed creating a link load for an already loaded link

  • MS SQL: Fixed convert templates in satellites for time and timestamp

Hints for the Installation: Manual Update Scripts / Automatic Model Update
  • MS SQL: No / No

  • Oracle: No / No

  • Postgres: No / No

  • Exasol: No / No

(Internal Release)

(Internal Release)

(Internal Release)

(28.11.2019) The deployment Module now allows to “go back” after a deployment. This brings you back to the comparison view without a complete refresh of the state from the database.

  • Deplyoment: Added refresh-free “go back” alternative instead of “recompare”

  • Exasol: Improved numeric conversions in satellites

  • Exasol: Fixes for deploying Hub Loads with Business Keys containing special characters

  • Deployment: Fix for deploying unmapped data_types (such as CHAR ASCII on Exasol)

  • Deployment: Enabled deploying link names of links without link_suffix_id

  • Deployment: Fix for deploying conversions in satellites

  • MS SQL: Fixed deploying update for datavault_staging view

  • MS SQL: Fixed Data Viewer core views

Hints for the Installation: Manual Update Scripts / Automatic Model Update
  • MS SQL: No / No

  • Oracle: Yes / No

  • Postgres: No / No

  • Exasol: Yes / No

(Internal Release)

(11.11.2019) You can now directly jump from any object throughout the Datavault Builder to it’s data lineage. Simply select the icon for “Show Lineage”.

  • Show Lineage: Newly added functionality for any object to see its lineage

  • Staging: Directly “Add another table” after creating a staging table

  • Job Schedule: Set default start date of a job to today

  • Job Schedule: Schedule ID is now displayed

  • Excel Connector: Improved handling of files, such as broken named ranges or special characters in sheet names

  • Jobs: Fixed error when pressing “Apply Filter”

  • Datavault: Fixed “Create as new subject area”

  • Deployment: Update loaded columns for Satellites (column_is_used)

  • Documentation: Fixed generation errors

Hints for the Installation: Manual Update Scripts / Automatic Model Update
  • MS SQL: No / No

  • Oracle: No / No

  • Postgres: No / No

  • Exasol: No / No

(Internal Release)


  • Deployment: Compare from and to an empty state (can be used to delete everything or for create all scripts)

  • Deployment: Drag & Drop file for upload

  • Deployment: Better naming of remote environment URL

  • General: Improved escaping of special characters in object names

  • Datavault: Re-creating a tracking satellite mapping views for an already loaded hub

  • Deployment: Corrected order of rollout for staging tables with altered columns and satellites

  • Dimensional Model: Fixed wrongly displayed columns from other than related Business Objects

  • Exasol: Fixed joint keys in staging when the special keyword us used somewhere

  • Exasol: Don’t disable authenticator during startup of exasol to prevent timing issue

  • Business Rules: Prevent ambigous error for include_in_accesslayer

  • Datavault: Fixed errors isHub of null and removeSystem of null

  • Operations: Auto-refresh load state again in Status and Jobs tab

  • Exasol: Handle json metadata in large models correctly

Hints for the Installation: Manual Update Scripts / Automatic Model Update
  • MS SQL: No / No

  • Oracle: No / No

  • Postgres: No / No

  • Exasol: Yes / No

(Internal Release)

(Internal Release)


  • Datavault: Style Settings

  • Operations: Display Schedule ID

  • Exasol: Put column metadata in object

  • Escaping: Fixed an issue with escaping columns containing a single quote character

  • Datavault: Preselect corresponding Hub Load again when coming from create link load

  • Data Lineage: Missing colors on first load

  • Exasol: Improved db dependent functions as LUA scripts

  • Oracle: Fixed too long varchars on oracle comments

  • Exasol: Sat Conversion varchar2numeric

  • Businessobjects: Fixed empty string/null handling for getRelatedBusinessobjectElements

API changes:
  • extended checkUniqueness to accept staging_table_name_id

  • extended getTables for default_staging_table_name_id

  • extended putSourceTables for staging_name_id

Hints for the Installation: Manual Update Scripts / Automatic Model Update
  • MS SQL: No / No

  • Oracle: No / No

  • Postgres: No / No

  • Exasol: Yes / No

(06.09.2019) With this release, the capabilities of prototyping are extended. For this purpose, a dedicated “Prototype System” has been introduced, allowing to create Prototype interfaces in the Dimensional Model. For this purpose, prototype satellites columns can be directly edited in the GUI. Please be aware, that only prototype Satellites created after this update are compatible with the new features.

  • Datavault: Edit Prototype Satellites, Filter for Prototype System

  • Dimensional Model: Create Prototype Business Objects

  • Dimensional Model: Columns of related Business Objects are automatically shown in the output for easier matching

  • Dimensional Model: Columns comments and data types are available in the output

  • Exasol: Fixed deployment and documentation generation error

  • Deployment: Fixed broken deployment of satellites and transaction links

  • MS SQL: Removed hardcoded “datavaultbuilder” database name in install scripts

  • Postgres: Cancel job when not started loading yet

API changes:
  • extended getSatMetadata for hub_id, satellite_is_prototype

  • new API for getRelatedBusinessobjectElements

  • extended getDVBObjects for system_color

  • extended putSatLoad to accept columns for creation of prototype satellites and adding/removing columns from them

Hints for the Installation: Manual Update Scripts / Automatic Model Update
  • MS SQL: Yes / No

  • Oracle: Yes / No

  • Postgres: No / No

  • Exasol: Yes / No

Other changes
  • Exasol: Changed timestamp function from current_timestamp to systimestamp. The timezone of Exasol Server should be set to the same as in the docker “.env” file


  • Datavault: Fixed broken Satellite Conversion on creation

  • Oracle: Fixed prototype flag of satellites in base view

  • Exasol: Corrected business key getter for certain cases

  • Exasol: Rollback Business Rulesets in case of an error in business object edit

  • Exasol: Fixed “Char UTF8” Data Type Mapping

  • MSSQL: Updated Pattern for Satellite and Transaction Link Load for better performance

  • Oracle: Filter RV$ Objects in Dataviewer

  • Exasol: Performance of satellite creation

Hints for the Installation: Manual Update Scripts / Automatic Model Update
  • MS SQL: No / No

  • Oracle: Yes / No

  • Postgres: No / No

  • Exasol: Yes / No


  • MSSQL: Fixed cause of slow nested loops in hub load

  • Data Viewer: Fixed full logs for staging and datavault

  • Jobs: Paramater “Max parallel loads” now also works for staging tables. The parameter value defines the maximum number of loads for each layer (staging and datavault are counted separately)

  • Command Line: Fixed comments

  • Alias Hub: Fixed adding hub load

  • MSSQL - Model Update: changed patterns for regular satellites and hub tracking satellites to use one trigger without any ddl statements in the loading process to prevent schema lock based deadlocks

  • MSSQL: Removed truncate statements for mat view refresh to prevent schema lock based deadlocks

  • Deployment: In the connection dialog, the deployment direction can be selected

  • Documentation: Increased generation speed

  • Jobs: Fixed date picker and preselect current day as start date

  • Business Object: Edit Functional suffix name and comment

  • Business Object: If manually saving, allow cancelling auto-restore latest saved version

API changes:
  • extended putSourceTables to accept a manual staging_table_id

  • extended getDVBObjects to include Businessobject Structure

Other changes:
  • Oracle Container: For the initial install of the scripts on a dedicated database the container does not need to be fully started anymore

  • Included Build Information into Main Menu

  • Webgui Container: If a SSL-Certificate is provided, now it’s using TLS 1.3


  • MSSQL: fix transaction behaviour when writing runtime log during create hub load, which previously could cause deadlocks.


  • Staging: Update source_table_id and source_table_type_id in deployment

  • MSSQL: Added binary compare for hub load and corrected handling of trailing spaces in the business key

  • MSSQL: Updated Container to 2017 CU15

  • MSSQL: Changed Business Key index on hub table from unique to non unique

  • Jobs: Introduced config parameter job_load_wait_time_seconds for dvb_config.config to delay job loads to fix timing related issues

  • Staging: Corrected escaping for putting in system parameters

  • MSSQL: Improved relations view to prevent locks

API changes:
  • added short display version of business key to getDVBObjects

  • added accesslayer information to getBusinessRulesetsList

  • extended checkUniqueness for satellite_functional_suffix_id

  • extended getHubMetadata for hub_id_of_alias_parent

  • extended putBusinessobjectBase for editing

  • extended core columns function for column_nq_id, has an impact on API responses containing columns

  • added granularity to putBusinessobjectBase

Other changes:
  • API container now uses rhel postgrest


  • Business Object: Improved Performance

  • Exasol: Faster performance for staging table creation and edit

  • Exasol: Optimized dependency recalculation without accessing all view objects

  • Allow checkUniqueness API for readonly user

  • Exasol: Updated Container to 6.1.3

  • Staging: Mark defined delta load as “ready” when a full load was performed

  • Oralce: Hide temporarily created tables in lineage

  • Exasol: Corrected Numeric Type mapping in staging for handling precision and scale


Minor Improvements:
  • Business Object: It can be switched between automatic saving of changes and manual save

  • Oracle: Update for dvb_config.system_data to be able to store longer configurations

  • Updated CSV JDBC Driver to 1.0.35, which now can natively handle UTF-8 files with BOM

  • Updated Oracle JDBC (to and Oracle Instant Client (to 18.5.0)

  • Business Object: Prefill and lock functional Suffix ID and Name for related Business Object

  • Data Vault: PSA/Raw Vault/Business Vault Categories were also applied in other modules besides Data Vault

  • Oralce: Fixed quoting of columns with uppercase column names with spaces


Minor Improvements:
  • General: Added possibility to do AD Authentication for MS SQL Database

  • General: Enabled ctrl+Shift for selection in dialogues

  • Operations: Added default Value for Command Line with some hint on commonly used functions


  • Staging: Respect smaller staging_source_max_fetch_size than batch_size

  • Staging: Updated column type mapping

  • Data Vault: Satellite Creation technical field filter for _dvb_row_id

  • Status Lineage: Close dropdown when not in focus

  • Deployment: Included missing dependency for satellites in BO


Minor Improvements:
  • Data Vault: Business Key Duplicate check can also be called from metadata of existing hub for an existing hub load

  • Operations: Schedule start data default is set on today

  • API: Updated Postgrest to 5.2.0

  • Staging: When adding a source table multiple times, it was shown multiple times in the source metadata

  • Data Vault: Columns with id ending to _v are not filtered anymore

  • Data Vault: Initiating the add hub load dialogue from add link load

  • Dimensional Model: Double-Click to select a column

  • Deployment: Removed wrong dependency of hub to System and Staging Table



Filter possibilities in the lineage allow to drill down further into the dataflow. Just right-click onto a node to either add the ID or the name to the filtering conditions.


In the Data Viewer, there is now the possiblity to bookmark a prepared view, allowing for quick querying of defined, often used settings. Also, in the Data Viewer, additional system views are available for easier debugging.

Minor Improvements:
  • Data Viewer: Extended System views, which allow debugging of function calls and monitoring of system properties (memory/cpu) of the host

  • Data Viewer: Added Bookmarking feature of the pulled up configuration

  • Lineage: Possibility to disable cyclical relations (~business vault loads)

  • Filtering of lineage in the jobs module

  • Automatically select granularity satellite when opening a business object

  • Add Satellite: Automatically select hub load when there is only one

API changes:
  • Extended checkConnection API to allow test if clientdb is connected successfully

  • Deprecated getJobLineage API, as it is now covered by searchJobLineage

  • Fixed a cause of possible wrong load durations in gui by updating pljava to version 1.5.2

  • MySQL-Source: Fix for default schema for editing staging tables

  • MySQL Source: Default URL change: Read datetime of 0000-00-00 as NULL

  • deleteUser: Deletion of non-admin users was not possible in case only one admin user existed

  • Exasol: Fix load times greater than 99 days

  • Add Link Load: fixed Cannot read property \'display\' of undefined-error when coming from add hub load

  • Documentation generation could result in error getBBox of null


Minor Improvements:
  • Updated PLJava to 1.5.2

  • Updated Java to


Minor Improvements:
  • Added security Exasol 6.1. with Impersonate

  • extended bookmark api to take bookmark_type so function can also be used in other context

  • Decoupled Fetch Size from Batch Size in staging process (new config param: staging_source_max_fetch_size)

  • Staging Table was in some cases truncated twice in a row


  • Handle Distinct in Link Loads on all DBs


  • MS SQL: Handle Link Hashing of NULL


Minor Improvements:
  • Handle CLOBs in Oracle loads

  • Added possibility to provide SSL Certificates to the GUI Container

  • Auto-Select Business Vault as load type for Business Vault based systems

Bugfixes: - Exasol: Create or update job Schedule


Minor Improvements:
  • MS SQL: Explicitly declared collation to prevent problems in case of case insensitive master db

  • Oracle: Wrong Join in hub_load base view for comments


Minor Improvements:
  • Exasol: Updated jdbc driver to 6.1.0

  • Better Counting behaviour for loads

  • Deployment Dependency resolution


Added subset status icons in staging. This allows you to now directly see whether a subset clause is defined for a staging table and whether the clause was applied onto the currently loaded dataset.

Minor Improvements:
  • Staging view update for Tracking Satellites to make better use of indices while loading

  • Added Transaction Links to Documentation

  • Handling of conflict in BO Edit

  • MS SQL: Deployment of hub loads with composite keys

  • Oracle: Handle tracking satellites to recreate hub load for a hub which was previously loaded and the load was deleted

  • Oracle: Oracle MView Refresh caused Metadata Refresh

  • Fixed status polling in staging

(Internal Release)


Minor Improvements
  • Correct handling of \ in source connections

  • brute force protection of webserver

  • added current timestamp in dvbuilder log

  • added popup after deployment with deployment summary

(Internal Release)


With Version 4 we further push your agility! We introduce a new deployment-module. With this module, you can directly compare and deploy between different environments. Also, you can export the created model on a logical level, to version it with your versioning tool (such as GIT, SVN, …).

Minor Improvements
  • Added Authentication against the client database: With this, authentication against an AD is possible

  • Introduced moving away of loaded CSV files

  • Added possiblity to remove column from datavault staging and thereby take it out of satellite load

  • Prevent empty (space only) Subject Areas

  • Added an OCI/Thin switch for Oracle Sources

  • Connection Testing makes use of Stored PW if able to so password does not need to be entered

  • Improved speed to edit staging table

  • Dimensional Model: Now the hash of hubs can be used in the output

  • Mark non-delta-loads in a delta load job as full load (reducing data storage for tracking satellites)

  • Oracle: Faster calculation of newly added keys in with already filled staging table

  • added parameter to disable ipv6 in nginx

  • added build number

  • different user Roles on the core engine: dvb_operations, dvb_user_readonly, dvb_admin

  • MS SQL: General performance improvements for loads

  • Docker improvement: API container will wait for the core to come up

  • added the possibility for setting the timezone

  • actively validate name length of objects before creation

  • Oracle / MSSQL: Load non-unique satellite records

  • MS SQL / Postgres: Corrected displaying of Datavault Category displayed for Satellites

  • Oracle: Handle null values for Functional Suffix ids for the Data Lineage

  • Oracle: Corrected Indices creation to be in same schema as tables

  • Oracle: Corrected Refreshing of Hash Keys when Staging Table was loaded

  • Corrected Function to update User Password

  • MS SQL: Fix trailing space in business key

  • Data lineage won’t break if custom objects are present in DVB-schema

  • Fixed escaping in for like & and for function name correction

  • Oracle: Check dependencies before deleting an object, as Oracle allows dropping objects with dependencies

  • Load handling: Fail orphaned jobs / loads

  • MS SQL / Oracle / EXASOL: Corrected NULL-Value Handling in driving view

  • Oracle: revert metadata on oracle in case of a rollback during replace view

  • Fix for creating new system colors in case all predefined ones are already in use



Minor Improvements
  • Only resync Meta-Data Views if needed (Oracle/MSSQL/Exasol) to improve speed

  • Improved speed of Business Object and Business Ruleset creation

  • Oracle: Create Business Ruleset may have lead to an error due to Oracle-Specific Null-Handling

  • Oracle: Link Loads Base View may have had duplicates

  • Handle activation of non-existent Post-job scripts



We have added the support for full load subsetting. You can define subsets of the source, which will be loaded and tracked as if it was a full load by specifing a fixed where clause in the create staging table creation wizard.

Minor Improvements
  • Improved error messages in log for failed loads

  • Added additional Parameters for CSV-Files, allowing patternmatching of filenames and creation of virtual columns based on the results

  • Removed regex-constraints in Create Satellite Wizard to reduce confusion

  • Extended Column Conversions (mainly for Postgres & MSSQL)

  • Delta Load Parameters support dynamic functions, which can be customized to being executed on the core, the client database or the source.

  • Faster putting of object comments allows faster creation and edits

  • Updated DVB Structures on MSSQL to support NVARCHAR

  • In Post-Job statements, it is now possible to move files after loading them

  • Moved quotation of Strings into core to speed up overall function calls

  • Sourcing from REST-APIs may not have been possible due to errors when creating the staging tables

  • Edit Source System does not retrieve and show passwords anymore

  • CMD-Line and create_user function do not log passwords anymore. Please review your existing logs to remove previously logged passwords.

  • On some environments, Job schedules had to be enddated in order to be saved

  • Longer running post-jobs sql queries may have resulted in never ending jobs

  • Previewing CSV Files forced reload of the GUI instead of displaying Not Supported-Hint

  • Multiple Savings of Business Rulesets may have crashed the Business Ruleset (Postgres)


(Internal Release)


(Internal Release)



Minor Improvements
  • Additional columns _dvb_row_id (resp. _DVB_ROW_ID) in new staging tables for use as surrogate key if no other business key is possible

  • Transaction Links are now automatically added to auto-jobs and available for selection in manual jobs

  • Fixed update of link driving views with alias hubs present

  • Update gui when creating alias hubs

  • Fix for editing staging table names

  • Filter virtual system Hubs from staging list

  • Fixed problem with creating staging tables for sources not having schemas (e.g. csv)

  • Fixed fileExtension-Parameter in csv source creation



The retrieval of more technical fields in the dimensional output is now enabled. Simply work with standard attributes such as Last seen-Dates of tracking satellites to cleanse outputed data from deleted records. As well, it is now possible to start out with the data set of the hub itself (based on the virtual system Hub) when creating a new Business Object. For satellites, the field PS then indicates, whether the key exists in the satellite or not.

Minor Improvements
  • Data Preview now works with sources MS SQL, Oracle, Postgres and Exasol

  • General performance improvements

  • Updated MS SQL Server Version

  • Correct sort order of columns in datavault Create Satellite- and Create Transaction Link-Wizards

  • Fixed link driving view outputs



Stability bugfixes and Improvements.

Minor Improvements
  • Search in Datavault: Sorting by display name + Object ID in the dropdown list

  • MSSQL: Stability improvement of loading processes for slower systems

  • Save Businessruleset: Don’t crash if an error occured during the saving, but return the actual error-message

  • MSSQL: creation of satellites with data type float was not possible due to a mismapping



We have implemented the support of an additional type of processing database for to choose from for your data warehouse: Exasol (starting from version 6.). On MS SQL mainly an intermediate materialization of the metadata is introduced to speed up work in the GUI.

Minor Improvements
  • Environment color setting: In the dvb_config.config table new keys for environment_% are available to set specific coloring (e.g. make production red)

  • Editing columnar metadata in Satellites and Transaction Links is now possible (Rename / Comment)

  • Renamed the Business Objects module in the GUI to Dimensional Model to reduce confusion

  • Name of a subject area is now directly displayed within the subject area bubble

  • Long table names / ids are now automatically line-breaked to show complete string

  • When going to empty Jobs / BO etc., the dropdown for selection automatically appears

  • Runtime data of full load tracking satellites is shared between current and historized satellite objects

  • MSSQL: Tables base view is now materialized if needed after one minute to speed up the Data Viewer and Business Rules Quick Inserts. Therefore, however, these may not be up to date at all times.

  • Staging: Get Schemas and Tables/Views from source separately (to reduce load on source system) when creating a new staging table.

  • Removed counter of rows to process if loading from a view to speed up loads.

  • GUI is not cached anymore to reduce chances of outdated code

  • BR: moved the properties of the business ruleset from the slider at the bottom of the right column

  • Added debounce for datavault searching to enhance GUI performance

  • Keep Business Rules filter on save

  • Operations Status: Additional option to filter the lineage by state

  • Operations Status: Possibility to right-click onto a load to initiate/cancel it

  • Core function fixes to speed up business ruleset and business object getting in the GUI.

  • updated full load tracking satellites with actual last seen date

  • initiating loads quickly after one another could have lead to never ending loading staging/datavault object/job due to a logging problem

  • Staging loads may have failed if the number of rows to loads was a multiple of the batch size

  • MSSQL: fixed the latest failed load time of staging loads in the base view

  • MSSQL: fixed possible overflow of percentage number in staging loads base view.

  • Fixed initiating multiple sats/links for the same hub with option preload parent resulting in an error

  • Add related BO: Used system was not properly prefilled

  • Doc module: Token won’t expire during the loading process

  • Staging: If manually defining a connection string and then editing a source system, the manual string did not appear

  • BO: Fixed empty names of Quick Insert Objects

  • Renaming of a job was not possible in the GUI



A new type of object is available in the Datavault: Transaction Links! This enables you to create links connecting multiple hubs and/or additionally store attributes. However, keep in mind, that using this type of link should only be used in special occasions, i.e for handling large volume transactional data. As we wanted to deliver you this feature as quickly as possible, please note that the usage of transaction links in the business object is not included yet and will follow shortly.

Minor Improvements
  • Hub Metadata opens when adding a hub load, so you see the existing loads / Business Keys

  • Overflowing table/view names in dialogues are now shown in total / on hover

  • Better GUI Responsiveness (MS SQL)

  • Technical Users with long-living Tokens can be created (for use with REST-API)

  • Updated Driver for CSV-Loads (can have lead to problems with loads into MS SQL)

  • New Conversion Type (Postgres): Numeric/Text Epoch to timestamp

  • Status Lineage filter for load state

  • convert to numeric doesnt fail load when conversion fails

  • add related business object - select granularity satellite is now enabled

  • removing of access errormart single view if disabled in business rules

  • stability of manual loads with preload parent

  • default datatype mapping of numeric values for business loads trimmed off values



Bookmarks in the Datavault are now stored on the server and can therefore be used on any client. Furthermore, they can be directly shared with your coworkers.

  • Staging: Edit of Staging tables based on CSV- and REST-API-Source



We proudly present a new module: The Documentation! You can now automatically generate a documentation of your implementation! Use it as searchable webversion or also export it to a pdf for sharing and storing.
Also, we added the possibility to perform extended queries the source databases in the jobs module and optimized the accesslayer views for simple cases.
  • Business Ruleset: Editing adds unwanted newlines (MS SQL)

  • Business Rulesets: Quoting of columns (MS SQL)

  • Missing indexes on staging tables

  • After Add Hub Load dialog called in Create Link Load the link load creation process did not proceed

  • Unable to change hubs in Create Link dialog in some constellations

  • Staging: Fixed failure when manually initiating the load of a complete source system



You are now able to directly verify whether your composed business key is unique right after composing it in the editor! Just click onto the check-icon within the edit-window. If there are duplicates in the staged data set, a window will pop up, displaying you the number of duplicates. As well, you can then click onto the plus icon to get samples of duplicate records.
Secondly, you can now define in the config, whether sql-queries in the jobs module are executed on the datavault builder core or the client database.
  • Dangling jobs

  • Faulty marked running tracking sat loads not found as loading

  • Reduced shivering on the canvas, to optimize the drawing

  • Job logged as finished after performing sql query

  • Empty line insertion in business ruleset on save (only MS SQL)



The creation log is now completed with updates, so that you can take a creation log of one instance and use it to replicate the state on another installation.
We also removed passwords from connection URLs for security improvement.
  • For Many-To-Many links the driving view was not refreshed and thereby no data was delivered in the business objects

  • Creation log: Include all attributes

  • Handle numeric types without precision

  • JSON-Loads and custom enum-types

  • Correct metadata of business ruleset

  • Handle Nullpointer Exception of tables with datatype NULL

  • Improved reading speed for metadata of oracle source



Instead of ignoring missing fields in staging, now a warning is logged.

  • load timestamp offsets in staging



Handling of datetime with higher precision in the source than in the fdb by splitting into two fields.

  • null bks with prefix on (MS SQL)



Now there is a connection pool parameter for the api.

  • access to table view

  • keeping numeric precisions for staging and dv loads

  • show total rows in staging load again (on mssql batch load)


(Internal Release)



The columns in the Business Object generator is now filterable and allows to select and add multiple columns at once.
Improved load canceling: Wait and check for canceled loads, but don’t terminate them.


(Internal Release)



  • performance improvement jobs

  • performance improvement link metadata



BulkCopy is now available for staging (MS SQL).
Possibility to add all tables with all columns for a specific system using the command line interface and function dvb_core.f_add_all_source_tables.
In the Datavault Link load dialogues Hub names are now in the title.
  • missing NULL values in views view

  • nolock does not interfer with readpast of base view (MS SQL)

  • deleting tracking sats when deleting hub data

  • performance improvments extended properties in base views (MS SQL)

  • loading progress percentage rounding

  • select Subject Area issue

  • error when creating business vault load staging table

  • datavault_category_id in satellite base view

  • performance improvement GUI: Removed duplicated calls



Preparation for Documentation Module behind the scenes.

  • Staging Exception: b.replace is not a function



  • alias name in bo



  • support button

  • fixed case for satellite columns

  • create link load - quoting of bk

  • more failsafe and better readable error message in br

  • Error overflow business ruleset - filter on original query



Now technical columns are available for selection in the business objects generator.

  • Business Object: Satellite fields not available

  • recreating removed link loads when data is still loaded

  • update link suffix name

  • delete satellite independent from materialized relations view

  • delete business object independent from materialized relations view

  • non standard business rules not depending on a view or table (i.e. on a function)

  • delete link data - wrong system

  • change metadata of prototype satellite

  • delete prototype satellite



In the Datavault, now subtabs are available to split the Core into Persistent Staging, Raw Vault and Business Vault.
The declaration of which object belongs to which datavault category can assigned in the creation of a hub load. This means, that a hub can belong to multiple datavault categories, while satellites will always belong to one category. Changing the datavault category of a hub load is possible by opening the meta-data panel of the hub. This also affects the category of the related satellite(s) for that load.
  • truncate hubs with tracking sats (refresh mat view)

  • truncate hubs when prototype hubs exist



Fix Business Ruleset



Initial Release with GUI.