Welcome to VAULT-E WINS

Download the instructions for the first three levels here.


Additional Levels

LEVEL 4: Strategy Added

Play as in Level 3. But instead of having an Action Card Draw Pile, you have all 5 action cards in your hand. If you reach a target number, you can choose which card to play.


Play this level only if all players have a fair chance to win.

Play as in Level 1 and 2, without the action cards.

Everyone throws the dice at the same time. The first one to see a solution with their dice or the dice of someone else shouts “stop” and needs to say the equation. But you can use only dice in one color.

If you are right, you get the card. If not, you need to give back one of your cards.

Willkommen bei VAULT-E WINS

Lade die Anleitung für die ersten drei Levels hier herunter.

Video Instructions

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