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Data Migration

Data Migration

More than ETL.
Scalable. Reliable. Collaborative.

Merger & Acquisitions, improving performance, better customer service, regulatory requirements. The lists of reasons for data migration is long. However, all the resulting projects face the same challenges. The Datavault Builder empowers you to ensure the expected outcome and minimize involved risks.

Key Challenges

Data loss and corruption, leading to useless or missing information.

Lacking collaboration between departments.

Combination and consolidation of multiple sources.

Poor data quality of source system.

Parallel usage of source and target system.

Datavault Builder for Migration

Since migration is not just a matter of copying data from one place to another, a proper plattform to perform involved tasks is mandatory. Good collaboration should also be a priority, as data migration most of the time involves multiple deparments. Because migration is rather a process than a one time-shot, source and target are often required to be run parallely for a certain time. The Datavault Builder is designed to reduce complexity, enhance collaboration and secure a high-quality result for Consolidation, Migration or Integration.

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  • Visual Editor for modelling, bringing IT and Business stronger together
  • Collaborative Development, by working on the same underlying model in real-time
  • Customizable Business Rules for Data Cleansing
  • Synchronization of Source and Target and Vice Versa
  • Supported Source Data: Any JDBC-capabable Database (such as MS SQL/Access/Excel, Oracle, IBM DB2, TeraData, Hadoop Hive, …)
  • Output: Dimensional Model, Excel Files or Flat Tables, accessible over a database connection or as a file export (JDBC, ODBC, CSV, Excel)

Your Benefits

Reconciliation and Validation of complete set guaranteeing data integrity.

Team-Development with collaborative modelling approach.

Handling of multiple sources and targets.

Improved data quality based on customizable rules.

Synchronization of multiple systems.

Usage Example

Imagine the following: You are running a webstore for bicycles and just bought a competitor. Now it is time to move all customer and product information into your primary website.


Load the data from your former rival into the Datavault Builder…


…prepare the dataset as needed and load it into the database of the primary website…


…and last but not least loop back the transferred data to guarantee a successfull migration.

A solid plattform with a proven concept.

Make your Migration a Success!