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Supported databases: source from anywhere – process on most common database

Supported databases: source from anywhere – process on most common databases

The Datavault Builder is automating every aspect of your Data Warehouse. For this purpose, it is able to start new environments including the database.

Data import is supported from all platforms providing a JDBC driver or a REST interface or files. As we use two-way sync between model and database we need to optimize the Datavault Builder for every target platform. Currently, we do support snowflake, Oracle, MSSQL, Postgres and Exasol as target platforms.

By using Docker deployment we are able to set up new environments including the database in a few minutes. Just by editing a small config script a new environment including core server, GUI frontend, and database can be started either on Windows or Linux Servers, in the Cloud or locally on Windows, Linux or Mac desktops and laptops.

The automatic deployment is supported for all supported target platforms:

  • snowflake
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft MSSQL
  • Postgres
  • Exasol

If you have already an existing database you can continue using it and just configure the connection parameter in the config file.

Stage from any JDBC, REST or File Source

Process the Data on snowflake, Oracle, MSSQL, Postgres or Exasol

Use the provided database containers for fast setup or connect to your existing database.