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Staging: Integrated ETL

Staging: Integrated ETL

The Datavault Builder is automating every aspect of  your Data Warehouse. For this purpose it contains an integrated ETL engine which is able to conncet to different data sources like (but not limited to):

  • Oracle Databases including encrypted TCPS and Advanced Networking connections
  • Microsoft SQL Servver (MSSQL)
  • Postgres
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • MongoDB
  • DB2 by IBM
  • Microsoft Access
  • Teradata
  • Big Data Technologies via Spark
  • Every other JDBC capable data source

Additionally we do support REST sources and Comma Separated, Tab Sepearated and with any other delimiter separated files and fixed width files.

Cobol copy books are supported by a third party JDBC driver.

Adding a new datasource and create a production ready staging job takes less then 5 minutes. The new job is automatically added to your master job and integrated into Data Lineage and Documentation.


Connect to any JDBC, File or Rest source

Connect to a new data source and stage your data in less than five minutes – production ready.

Automatically added to Operations, Data Lineage and Documentation.