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Data Vault On Premises or Data Vault in Cloud

Data Vault On Premises or Data Vault in Cloud

The Datavault Builder is automating every aspect of  your Data Warehouse. And as you need to decide where to run your Data Warehouse we just support all possible options:

  • Install in the Cloud
    • AWS
    • Azure
    • Digital Ocean
  • Install on Premises
    • Linux Server
    • Windows Server
  • Develop on
    • Windows Notebooks and Desktops
    • Linux Notebooks and Desktops
    • Mac Notebooks and Desktops

Deploy your Datavault Builder installation within minutes by using the built in Docker Virtualization concept. If you prefer virtual machines like VMWare that is an option also. And yes: it is so lean that your Data Warehouse does run on a Microsoft Surface Tablet.

Install on Premise or in the Cloud

Install development versions on local machines

Deploy within minutes using Docker virtualization