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Business Key Finder: give your business immediate feed back

Business Key Finder: give your business immediate feed back

The Datavault Builder is automating every aspect of  your Data Warehouse. This means it supports you in every step like finding the correct business key.

Even an automatic business key discovery is not useful as most source system use surrogate keys as primary keys the Datavault Builder automates the business key definition as much as possible.

  • Select candidate business keys
  • Compound keys are supported
  • Business Key prefixes are supported
  • Immediate Feed Back if the selected combination is unique
  • If a combination of columns is not unique the duplicates are displayed with details

This allows you in the discussion with your business user to evaluate what the right business key should be and give them immediate feed back if the data contradicts.

Supports single column business keys, compound business keys and business key prefixes

Immediate feed back on duplicates: details are displayed on duplicates

Allows instant communication with business users if the data matches the expectations