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Business Rules: Immediate Virtual Output and Materialized Business Vault

Business Rules: Immediate Virtual Output and Materialized Business Vault

The Datavault Builder is automating every aspect of  your Data Warehouse. For this purpose it contains a Business Rules layer. This allows you to integrate all rules to clean your data and prepare it reporting.

The busines rules layer supports

  • Several business rule sets for every Dimensional Object
  • Business Rules for good data and for data that shall be sent to the error mart
  • Immediate Data Preview
  • Versioning of code
  • Dependency checking
  • Documentation of the business rules
  • Priorization of business rules sets (within and between systems)
  • Immediate virtual output
  • Possibility to activate materialization using a Business Vault load (for performance or auditability)

Using the Datavault Builder for storing SQL rules solves you the problem of versioning your code as this is done automatically. Also deployment and documentation is taken care of by the tool itself.

Later in 2018 you will be able besides using the existing SQL method which covers already the full functionallity to use visual interfaces to business rules using Decision Tables and Trees, adding computed columns, adding aggregations and filtering.


Versioned SQL code gives full auditability

Added automatically to the documentation and the deployment workflow.

Will be extended with visual interface in 2018.