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Deployment Options: Use SVN or GIT repositories – deploy via SQL code or API calls

Deployment Options: Use SVN or GIT repositories – deploy via SQL code or API calls

The Datavault Builder is automating every aspect of  your Data Warehouse. This includes the versioning and deployment of the generated ETL / ELT workflows and database objects.

As we store metadata of your business entities directly as json description on you SQL objects you can copy a hub table from your development environment into your test or production environment and it will work. Data Lineage and Operations will be updated by the two way sync automatically and the Masterjob will include the new object immediatelly.

This allows absolut agile deployments where one Jira story is overtaking another if a user sign off is missing on other elements.

In an enterprise setup we do support the following:

  • extract of all the database structures and metadata into GIT or SVN
  • database compares between environments and generation of change script
  • environment compares on the logical level with direct execution of changes or generation of a change script
  • automation of deployments with automated testing
  • DevOps operation with several releases a day and automatic deployment into production

We are sure that we can support the deploymnet concept of your company. Please ask us about your concret requirements.

Metadata is stored directly on SQL objects – makes deployment as simple as copying a SQL object.

Works with SVN, GIT and any other code repository.

Environments can be compared on database or logical level for automated change script generation.