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Savings & ROI Calculator

DWH Automation: Savings and ROI Calculator

This model calculates the savings implementing DWH automation using the Datavault Builder data warehouse automation tool. The following conservative assumptions were made (to the disadvantage of the savings):

  • Licence costs were depreciated already in year one (usualy split over 3-5 years)
  • Training costs assigned to year one
  • Time savings calculated with 15 % according to an independent study over all automation tools (our customers report 30% time savings)
  • Better data quality not monetized
  • Faster delivery not monetized
  • Being more agile not monetized

The result is: expected savings in the 1st year (saving in the following years are higher) and how many months it takes to reach a complete ROI.



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DWH Automation Savings and ROI Calculator

Savings in the following years will increase. You can use the sliders to include or exclude parts of the model into your calculation or to exclude them.

Model Parameters: Team Composition
If you have ressource covering several roles count them as DWH developers.

Choose a different time savings rate than 15%


Setup Cost: save with automated infrastructure setup but also with a well defined and tested modelling and development process.
Weekly Costs: save at least 15 % of your time by eliminating repetitive tasks using automation

Sprint 0: 10 Workdays

200 Workdays / Year * 15%

200 Workdays / Year * 15%

200 Workdays / Year * 15%

Save 23 x 6h developer

Save 11 x 8h developer

Save 4 x 16h developer

You will spent money on buying the licence. You need only one licence for a productive environment. Test and development installations are included in the price.
You will need some training on the tool. General modelling training is not included as you will need it disregarding your tool decision.
Depending on how your company is accounting for infrastructure you will need to add costs manually for setting up at least one virtual machine or cloud instance to run the Datavault Builder.

Postgres, MSSQL 3 User

MSSQL, Oracle, Exasol, snowflake db (Q3/2018)

GIT and Delta Deployment Module

3 days per data modeler

3 days per Business Analyst

3 days per Developer


This estimated savings and months to ROI are calculated on experience from completed projects and independant research. The situation in your company can vary.
Not included are costs to provide a physical or virtual server to run the Datavault Builder software or network configurations required in your company.


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