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Dimensional Model and Snowflake Model

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Dimesional and Snowflake Output: Output your Data Vault Reporting friendly

The Datavault Builder is automating every aspect of  your Data Warehouse. For this purpose it contains a visual Dimensional Output layer. This enables you to create simple interfaces for your reporting user without writing one line of SQL code. Just point and click.

The Dimensional Model supports

  • Selection of hubs, links and satellite of all integrated systems
  • Visual selection of output columns
  • Rename of output columns
  • Immediate virtualized access by the reporting tool
  • Possibility to materialize the output using a built in Business Vault load
  • Prevents faning in your output by following the correct cardinalities only
  • Change existing objects later to include new columns

Use your dimensional output to build models automatically in all major reporting tools like QlikView, Qlick Sense, Tableau, MSBI and many others.

Allow business analysts in self service style to create new interface layers without the support of IT.

Increase by automation of this layer the quality of the output and reduce the time to market.


Create Facts and Dimensions

Automated as of now views

Virtual or materialized output