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Features – Command Line: Zugang für die Techies

Command Line: Zugang für Techies

The Datavault Builder is automating every aspect of  your Data Warehouse. Even we offer a rich graphical user interface sometimes you will need to execute a batch of commands like importing 100 hubs at once. The command line gives you access to all GUI commands using a simple syntax with code completion.

Also the command line can be used to hotfix the system in the rare event you discover a bug in the system and you can’t wait for the next release.

  • execute many commands at once
  • apply hotfixes
  • can be used to initialy import existing Data Vault models
  • Restore old version of views or other objects

The most simple way to test the CLI is to have a look at your log tables and copy previously executed commands.

Execute batches of commands like creating 100 hubs.

Apply patches to the system

Initially import existing Data Vault Models