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Change data capture: track last seen and implicit deletions in the source system

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Change data capture: track last seen and implicit deletions in the source system

The Datavault Builder is automating every aspect of  your Data Warehouse. For this purpose it creates all necessary tracking objects in your Data Vault to capture last seen dates and implicit deletes in the source system.

  • For every hub load two tracking satellites are created
  • For delta loads the last seen attribute is capture per source
  • For full load implicit deletes are capture per source
  • An integrated last seen date based on data of all connected sources is calculated out of the box in the dimensional model output
  • The same ist executed for link loads

Tracking satellites are probably the objects most often forgotten in manual Data Vault implementations. If you discover that you need them you will probably realiaze that it is too late – you already lost parts of the history. That is the reason why the Datavault Builder automatically creates all the necessary objects for you while you are modelling your core objects like hubs, links and satellites.

Tracking satellites for hubs and links are created automatically

Last seen date and implicit deletes are evaluated per system and in an integrated view

As the objects are created automatically on the technical level they are not displayed in the model keeping the visualization simple