Use Case study by BI-SPEKTRUM: C&A using Datavault Builder on Snowflake

BI-SPEKTRUM published an article in issue 2003/3 how one of our clients is using the Datavault Builder to integrate its SAP Data. If you want to get a reprint of the article you can request it here. To give you a first insight I’m paraphrasing the content. This is my personal recap based on a […]

Datavault Builder Version 7

Datavault Builder Version 7 We are excited to announce the new version 7 of Datavault Builder. What’s new? The main change in the major version is a completely refactored deployment module, which allows deploying a lot faster between environments thanks to introduced parallelization of deployment steps and which enhances CI/CD abilities even more. Some more […]

Is Data Modeling dead

Do we still need data models? What is the value of models? Why did data modeling failed in the past? How can we create data models? How can we create value by data modeling? All of this I try to answer in the following presentation.