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Data Hub for Live-Systems

Data Hub

Centralization and Synchronization
Smooth. Fast. Scalable.

Organizing enterprise-wide data

Today’s businesses have a diverse number of systems running parallely and complex synchronization tasks are set up to keep everything up-to-date. Using the Datavault Builder as a central data hub can improve this setting by increasing performance and reducing complexity.

Key Challenges

Complicated chains of ETL jobs.

Barriers between Business and IT.

Slow data processing.

Conflicting data sets.

Extension to new sources.

Datavault Builder as Data Hub

Data can be seen as the lifeblood of any company. Keeping the flow upright and ensuring every system is getting the best quality is essential to ensure operations, monitoring and fulfillment of regulatory requirements. Introducing the Datavault Builder as a central data hub can massively improve the overall system quality by creating a unified single version of truth, serving any other operational systems.


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  • Central data storage with full historization, giving true access to all historic data
  • Guided Editor for modelling, bringing IT and Business stronger together
  • Customizable Business Rules, allowing integration of conflicting data sets
  • Near-Real-Time processing for up-to-date information
  • Flexible Extension with new sources, based on data vault modelling technique
  • Supported Source Data: Any JDBC-capabable Database (such as MS SQL/Access/Excel, Oracle, IBM DB2, TeraData, Hadoop Hive, …)
  • Output: Dimensional Model, Excel Files or Flat Tables, accessible over a database connection or as a file export (JDBC, ODBC, CSV, Excel)

Key Benefits

Single version of truth, serving all other systems.

Improved collaboration of IT and Business.

Near-Real-Time processing for up-to-date data.

Customized cleansing of conflicting data sources.

Quick integration and expansion to new sources.

Usage Example

Imagine the following: You have set up the Datavault Builder as central hub and integrated data from your CRM and E-Commerce Website. However, the business requires to integrate customer data from your mobile Apps as well, so you can synchronize client profiles between multiple systems.


Quickly connect the database holding the information of your mobile apps…


…extend the core model by using the graphical editor…


…apply your business logic and finally deliver the synchronized data to target systems.

Get a better performance and reduce complexity.