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Data Warehousing.

Simply Visual.

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Focus On Modelling.

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Next Generation Software for Visual Data Integration.

Quickly develop your own DWH. Immediately lay the foundation for new reports or integrate emerging sources of data in an agile way and rapidly deliver results.

1. Connect


2. Integrate & Store

3. Deliver

True WYSIWYG. The modelled Logical Design is compiled in real time into a working technical implementation. Actually see and work with the current representation of your DWH.

Overall Benefits

Agile Development
Rapidly deliver first results and quickly react to changes.

Simplification & Fast Development
Easy to develop, run and maintain.

Full Auditability & Historization
Keep track of source and time of changed data.

Automatic Documentation
The model directly represents the current implementation.

Use Cases

Merger&Acquisitions, affiliated companies, sales performance, supply chain management. In all these cases and many more some sort of data integration is essential. The Datavault Builder perfectly supports these different settings. Delivering not just a tool, but rather a standardized workflow.

Data Migration
Permanently move data to new target(s) while ensuring data availability and quality.

Datawarehouse for Reporting
Integrate any sources to gain the complete picture of your company.

Data Hub for Live-Systems
Retrieve and feed data from and to multiple systems in real-time.

Scalable designed to fit any size of business.

Use Case

Read how SwissRe automated their Data Warehouse

Read in this german BI Spektrum article how SwissRe reinsurance automated their data warehouse processes using the Datavault Builder backend.

@ TDWI 2017

Save the Date!

We will be sponsoring the TDWI 2017, taking place 26.-28. June. A good reason to travel to Munich and meet us at our booth to see the Datavault Builder in action.